Sports teambuilding Pohorje

Sports teambuilding Pohorje

Its about the teambuilding, which will test the bonds between co-workers, will strengthen the strongest and give the weakest the opportunity to become strong. The animators will make sure that you are successful in sports games and that everyone will work in all positions, so you will also find out which area suits to whom. You will be tested in XXL Football, a game of “handball”, except that you and your co-workers will perform instead of plastic players. This is followed by a game of tug of war, jumping in a sack and skills polygon, which also reveals those less skilled in the field, but perhaps more powerful in the office. During the games we will refresh you several times with drinks and snacks as desired – we offer you local delicacies in the form of finger food, fruit snacks, top wines from the surrounding winegrowers, homemade juices,… you will return with PohorJet, the annual sleigh. After a day full of sports and animation, we have prepared a picnic in the embrace of nature. You will be entertained by a DJ who will adapt the music according to your wishes, you will also be able to try your talent at karaoke. We will treat you to an offer of barbecue and various side dishes, a special price for an agreed party drink, and at the end a cake with the logo of your company, which will be the crown of a wonderful day spent with your colleagues.


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PRICE: To be determined when choosing games and the number of entries

DATE: Optional



TRANSFER: Not included


All selected sports games according to the program
Chairlift ride
Descent into the valley with PohorJet
Snacks on request
Drink all the time sports games
Cake with the company logo
DJ and party organization
Picnic with barbecue offer


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